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Monday Technique Classes are $5 per class, students can "Pay as you Go" No registration is required.

Pointe Classes are $5 per class  

Open Hip Hop Classes are $10 per class, Advanced registration IS required. 

Twinkle Toes Classes:

Thursday &/or Saturdays 

1 class per week is $45 per month, 2 classes per week is $65 per month


Kinder/Minis (Same Class):

This group meets three days per week.

Total Monthly Cost is $90 per month

All three months $270


Intensives (Junior,Teens,Srs):

This class meets three days per week.

Total Monthly Cost is $150 per month

All three months $400



Registration Fee: $30/family (regardless of number of students)

Late Registration Fee: $40/family


1 Class - $45/month

2 Classes - $85/month

3 Classes - $120/month

4 Classes - $150/month

5 Classes - $180/month

Unlimited (6 or more classes) - $210/month 

*$5 Technique classes & Pointe DO NOT count towards monthly class totals, these classes have an additional price.

*Tuition prices are PER CHILD NOT PER FAMILY. Ask about our multi-student discounts.

PAYMENT OPTIONS (only valid for Fall Classes)

A) Monthly - Payment is due the first of each month. Accounts not paid by the 15th will accrue a $10 charge. You can also have your monthly tuition automatically withdrawn from your checking account, speak to the front desk about signing an authorization form.

B) 50/50 - Half the years tuition is due at the time of registration with the remaining balance due on February 1st.
(5% Discount off total due)

C) Full - Pay the full years tuition at the time of registration.
(10% Discount off total due)


50% Deposit is due, PER COSTUME, by NO LATER than October 1st. Balance Due November 30th.

*Costume refunds will ONLY be available if costumes have not yet been ordered. Once costumes have been ordered (December 1st) NO REFUNDS will be given.


“Twinkle Toes” & Kinder - $65 each

All Petites, Juniors & Acro - $75 each

All Teens & Seniors - $85 each

*Any Solos, Duets, Small Groups and/or Special numbers may require an additional costume cost. **Special numbers & solos will be given out after the Christmas break. All special numbers are optional and are NOT mandatory.


**Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card. Please make all checks payable to Leaps of Faith.

**Tuition costs do not change based on holidays, missed classes by the student or closings due to bad weather. Makeup classes are always available.

**There will be a $25 charge on all returned checks and you will be asked to pay the rest of your fees/tuition in cash.

**If classes are missed by the student, tuition is still due. Make-up classes are always available. There is no refund or discount on tuition for missed classes.